Why Amazon AWS Cloud Hosting

Take advantage of Amazons global computing infrastructure, that is the backbone of Amazons $15 billion retail business

Benefits of Webfeb

Making our customers happy is our highest priority. The constant improvement on our client-driven roadmap rests on a desire to satisfy our clients and exceed expectations. We provide quality without any compromise. Our services are packaged in turnkey solutions, for easy implementation, to simplify cloud hosting for our clients and to avoid the difficulties of separating tasks and overcomplicating processes. Through expert technology and complete automation, we make complexities easily workable for our clients.

DevOps Experts

Since we started out, we've worked exclusively with Development & IT Operations. Coming from a background of application development, we understand the needs and issues involved – we've experienced them ourselves! And most importantly, we designed the perfect solutions.

High Performance

Speed is everything to us. We promise fastest page loads to our customers. Particular attention is paid to lightweight components and optimizing configurations to reach the highest performance of your Magento store.

Newest Technologies

Interest and passion for great technology forms the core of our business. If you want to deliver excellent Managed Cloud Hosting, using cutting-edge technologies is of utmost importance. We keep on track with all upgrades for our solutions.

Flexible Infrastructure

Consumers and trends move fast, and so should you: Adaptability and flexibility are keys to success in online business. The AWS, GCP, Azure, Digital Ocean infrastructure and our configurations enable you to scale and react spontaneously to traffic changes.

Turnkey Solution

Uncompromising quality defines our company. We have prepared everything you need, handing you a turnkey solution ready for your easy use. To save you time and work, Webfeb Managed Hosting provides you with instant access and uncomplicated handling.

Cloud Cost Optimization

We deliver the highest possible performance for minimal cost. Our clients consider us experts, they can rely on for outstanding service and excellent consulting. With our deep knowledge of the AWS, GCP, Azure, Digital Ocean Cloud, we analyze your infrastructure cost and optimize this constantly.

Managed Migration

All parts of our services are designed for our clients' needs. With our turnkey solutions, every part of your cloud hosting is completely managed, and this self-evidently includes migration. Our expert system administrators take care of you from the very start.

Enterprise Support

Our support is at the heart of our service: Managed Cloud experts are available to you 24/7/365, reachable from around the world through our ticketing system to take care of any issues. The average response time for support requests is less than 15 minutes.


MGT-Commerce manages more than 100 projects, using AWS, GCP, Azure, Digital Ocean. We can look back on 5 years of experience with AWS, GCP, Azure, Digital Ocean. A wide range of projects, from startup to SME to large-scale businesses, has contributed to the expertise distinguishing us today.


A worldwide infrastructure partner combined with an international business mindset conduces to a globally equal delivery of high quality service. The AWS, GCP, Azure, Digital Ocean cloud we use is available in 190 countries, through 13+ geographic regions, and over 50 local presence points.